What is Structural Correction?

Our office specializes in structural correction of the spine.  The spine needs to be in a specific position in order for your brain to get 100% function and healing down to every cell and tissue in your body.  When you loose the normal alignment and curves in your spine, it interferes with how your body functions and operates.  Structural correction gets to the cause of your symptoms by improving your structural alignment, flexibility, and strength.  

Why is Structural Correction critical for optimal health?

It's all about getting to the CAUSE.

What would you do if the check engine light went on in your car? Just ignore it? How about covering it up with a small piece of electrical tape? Maybe cut the wire to the light... that would definitely get rid of the light! Sounds pretty silly, doesn't it? We all know you'd get to the CAUSE by bringing your car to a mechanic and investigating why the light went on in the first place!

Symptoms such as neck pain, back pain, headaches, poor posture, etc. tend to occur secondary to a primary structural problem. These secondary conditions are just "check engine lights" or warning signs that your body is giving you. So, are you going to ignore them or just find some clever way to cover them up?

By correcting the primary structural problems, the resulting secondary conditions will resolve on their own. Again, it's all about getting to the CAUSE.

If you have a structural problem that can be helped, we will recommend a program of care to provide relief, correction and stabilization. Our treatment is completely unique for each individual, based on what your body needs.

Do all Chiropractor's on Long Island do Structural Correction?

No.  We are one of the few offices in Suffolk County let alone Long Island that specializes in structural corrective Chiropractic care.