We understand that you may have many questions regarding scoliosis treatment.  Therefore, families and patients have the option of setting up a 45 minute consultation with the doctor to help answer questions.  A consultation fee will be applied for this visit.

Most families have done extensive research and want to set up the new patient exam appointment right away.  If the doctor feels x-rays are necessary than you are responsible for whatever your co-insurance is at the first visit. If you do not have insurance or your insurance does not cover x-rays, then our standard x-ray fees apply.

Some of the costs of your treatment may be covered by your health insurance. After your initial visit, our office will check to see if or what your insurance may cover.

There is no charge to go over the report of findings of your case. At the conclusion of the report of findings, a plan of care for you or your child is presented. The total cost of the program includes all x-rays, examinations, rehabilitation care, basic rehabilitation equipment, counseling and coordination of care, plus a summary report and future recommendations. This plan of care includes the fees associated with care. We have special payment plans that work with all types of cases whether insurance covers or not. Our office will be happy to go over them with you at the end of the report of findings.