Age: 17

                                                                                                      Before                                                        After


                                                                                                     8/19                                                                 10/19



Mrs. S

Age: 59

                                                                       Before                                                        After


                                                               Before                                                              After






Age: 60






Age: 17




Age: 12

Mothers posting on www.curvygirlsscoliosis.com:

Just wanted to let everyone know about the great sucess I have had with my daughter. We found out she had scoliosis during a physical exam. 1st set of ex-rays said her curve revealed a 20 cobb angle, 2nd set revealed a 39 cobb angle, 3rd set revealed 24 cobb angle??? As you can see I was very confused, I sought out alternative treatments than just waiting or using brace for 23 hours a day.

My daugher has been under the chiropractic care of Buckly Family Chiropractic in Greenlawn since August. They specialize in Advanced CLEAR Institute Scoliosis Corrective Care!

In this very short amount of time we have seen an improvement in her cobb angle to just a 15. During this time my daughter grew about 2 inches.

I would highly recommend seeking out alternative methods!!! My daughter is living proof!!!!


Age: 21



Age: 45