Severe Scoliosis (Over 40) Overview


Finding out that you or someone in your family has scoliosis can be a scary diagnosis.  It in fact changes your life.  We want you to know that you are not alone.  Our office is dedicated to educating you on this condition and helping you find a program that works best for you.

Once scoliosis has surpassed over 40 degrees, it has turned into an even bigger health concern.  Patients at this point are faced with limited treatment choices.  We want you to know that you do have options!  There can be multiple factors that have gotten the patient to this point.  There could be the chance that the patient did not know this condition existed until now.  Or more than likely, previous treatment methods of observing or bracing have not had the desired outcomes.  Curves that progress beyond 40 degrees are often recommended for spinal fusion surgery.  Choosing surgery is never easy and once surgery is done, you can never go back.  Many patients find that the risks and poor treatment outcomes of surgery make this a last resort.

Any surgery can come with benefits and risks.  Spinal fusion is no different.  While potentially necessary at times for extremely large spinal curves, numerous studies have shown poor outcomes for many surgically treated patients.  Many scoliosis surgeries are performed for cosmetic reasons.  It is important to know that the surgical procedure simply transforms the spinal deformity into a permanent spinal dysfunction that can result in chronic pain, disfigurement, and even long-term disability.  A 2002 study performed in Germany found that 40% of surgically treated patients were legally defined as severely handicapped within 16.7 years following surgery.  What if there was a different way to reduce cosmetic deformities and curvature through a non-invasive treatment?

Our office follows the CLEAR™ Institute protocols designed to not only stabilize the scoliosis but may even attain considerable scoliosis reduction.  Specialized rehabilitation equipment, custom treatment plans and protocols, and scientific breakthroughs in the field of bio-vibration have been created for the specific purpose of providing patients with a better treatment alternative for curves above forty degrees. 

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